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Back Pain

NeuroMovement™ Group Lessons

Movement, balance, breathing made easy workshops

Are you experiencing mobility issues due to back pain, neck pain, shoulder, knee/hip joint pain?

Or pain due to injury?

In my group workshop you will experience gentle, safe, pleasurable movement explorations that will help you reduce pain, move with ease and comfort, by rewiring the brain and nervous system to the body and vice versa.

NeuroMovement™ lessons are different from traditional exercise and can be done by all fitness levels.

NeuroMovement™ helps with a stressed tired body and brain as each new way of NeuroMovement™ is found in the brain and body, new ways to deal with life evolves.

Each workshop will consist of different lessons, waking up the whole self, beneficial for anyone, pain, breathing, balance and posture problems.

Great for people who want to learn to move better to improve fitness, daily activities or athletic performance.

Next workshop £30.00 (3 hrs)

RING   01900 822078   To find out more about the next venue and workshop.

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