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NeuroMovement™ Anat Baniel Method® for Stroke

Stroke and Anat Baniel Method® (A.B.M)

A stroke can be devastating and life changing. The immediate symptoms resulting from the stroke are dramatic and obvious. The sooner we can start NeuroMovement™ the better.

Latest neuro science research by university of south Carolina U.S.A showed the brain had become ‘plastic’ ie. Cells outside the damaged area can take on new roles.

NeuroMovement™ Anat Baniel Method® (A.B.M) is based on the understanding of neuroplastic principles ( the ability of the brain to create new connections and patterns and change, itself for the better.

NeuroMovement™ principles, a different approach to treatment

1, I will not ask a client to do what you can not do. The reason is, say I ask a stroke survivor to move a hand where many neural connections and patterns have been lost. They will either do it poorly or unable to do it.

It is important to understand the brain is recording their experience all the time.

In other words their brains are learning how to do the movement badly.

With NeuroMovement™ Anat Baniel Method® (A.B.M) I take advantage of the brains remarkable capacities to re-organise and restructure itself.

2, I will find ways to minimise the demand and stresses placed on the brain.

  1. I will work with a stroke survivor lying down, reducing the demand on the brain.
  2. The session are 30-45 min each.
  3. Rest after sessions is essential (Jill Bolt Taylor) My stroke of insight.
  4. I ask my clients to avoid doing exercise or movements that you find difficult.
  5. I often work first with the unaffected side for our clients brain to have help the effected side learn how to reorganise.

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