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Development delay in children


There are great variations in the way children develop.

Some are quick to reach main developmental milestones, while some take longer.

Thera are times when parents feel that “something is not quite right” but can’t quite define what it is. They may begin wandering and asking “Is there are problem with my child?” Is he or she developmentally delayed? In working with children with special needs, very often the parents told me that they felt, early on that something was not quite right with their child. When they were told that they are just overly anxious that was the matter, or just told to wait and see

Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) helps the brains of children with special needs to be more successful

With NeuroMovement™ approach of the Anat Baniel Method®, we understand when a child has special challenges, even if it is not clearly diagnosable, the sooner the intervention, the better.

When a child has special challenges, his or her brain still grows and forms patterns, including, limiting and disorganised patterns of movement, thought, feelings and emotion due to their condition.

Instead of waiting and allowing for the patterns of limitations to form, we can help the child’s brain be more successful in its process of learning.
Please contact us for details about our NeuroMovement™ therapy treatments for children with undagnosed development delay in Cumbria.

NeuroMovement™ will help anyone get a better and more organised brain - that included me. I emerged from my training emotional mentally physically “whole.”

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