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NeuroMovement™ Anat Baniel Method®

NeuroMovement™ Anat Baniel Method®

RECONNECTING TO YOURSELF. Letting go of beliefs, limitations, stress, fear...

NeuroMovement™ helps your journey home to your heart, and centred consciousness.

Our body and brain record all of our life events, many wonderful. Many sad, stressful, fearful.

We understand the principle of connecting to ourselves, but until I trained as an ABM practitioner, I realised that connecting to ourselves in neuro science term means, that the body is really well mapped- connecting to the brain with lots of neural connections with those parts that have been a stuck child become integrated adults, with choice and freedom.

When we are really connected to ourselves with NeuroMovement™ and have a bigger better brain with many new connections, we have freedom of choice, I can choose not to be fearful, I can choose because I am not my past, my limitations and beliefs I am free.

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